Nestled amid the craggy ‘Rocche’ of Roero in Piemonte, our vineyard and its history, passed down from generation to generation, are part and parcel of our passion for making wine. Much has changed since the time of our great-grandfather Stefano. Back then, most of the work took place in the vineyard and the sole objective was to produce as big a harvest as possible, to either sell outright or use to make wine for the family. Nowadays, we have a thoroughly modern view of winemaking, while still maintaining custom and timeless tradition.
The vendemmia has always been a happy moment involving the whole family, especially for our father. We celebrate a good year and the end of the harvest all together. It’s a real tradition, always celebrated in the same spirit. We were born and raised with a love for winemaking.
Our father taught us everything we know in technical terms, but he also passed on his love of the land and vines and the life that revolves around them. And now, we are the new face of the company. We’ve honed our skills and accumulated solid, practical experience thanks to Stefano, our father and Tunin, our grandfather. So, along with family tradition, these qualities are our real business card to bring the family vineyard to a world-class level of excellence.

Monica & Daniela Tibaldi





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